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1 January 2018

Diving, PADI and AOWD

Diving, PADI and AOWD

Perhaps, one of the most exciting things that are quite easy to experience is scuba diving. It’s not so physically demanding and most of the people can do it. Although the easies way is to simply find some diving center and pay for a fun dive, i strongly recomend to take a full training for several days (Preferably PADi Advanced Open water Diver AOWD because the most exciting dives are usually those deep dives) and most important of all, pick the best ranked diving center with the best diving spots you can find.
Some diving centers don’t have that great diving sights so the dives are not as much fun as it can be.
I have been diving for a few years now and i hope i do it until the rest of my life.

Especially great fun is night dives. Sea life is best seen than and there is additional adrenalin rush since everything is so dark.

Here is some pics i made lately, all from Adriatic sea and mostly Dubrovnik, Vis, Komiža. p.s. I strongly suggest visiting Vis, Croatia. And, i don’t think it requires explanation why, it’s simplye AMAZING


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