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6 November 2018

Ordering SMD parts from LCSC

Ordering SMD parts from LCSC

For quite some time i have been looking for good parts supplier. DigiKey, Mouser, RS, Farnell, TI etc. All those companies don’t optimize shipping for Bosnia so it’s 120EUR per package, what ever i order.

Above all, they are usually expensive and i wasn’t able to find most of what i was looking for. Maybe because lately i picked some parts that are usually available in China and those companies don’t offer them or have same parts but 3-4 times more expensive.

Asking around, some guys suggested, and Checking what they offer and shipping options for Bosnia, it looks like i have great alternative for those bit fancy popular suppliers.

First “test” order i made was from and i’m very pleased with what i have got.

So, here is one fast box opening clip + some pics in “READ MORE” :)


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