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8 November 2018

ReflowR - New tool for faster prototyping

ReflowR - New tool for faster prototyping

Finally after 2 months

After 2 months wait, one lost package and another one shipped with DHL (which btw. arrived from South Africa to Bosnia in less than 46 hours in my hands), i finaly got RefloR, cool little “hotplate” style soldering tool.

First impression and first few boards i did only for test, went great. At first i was underrating it because it’s essentially just controlled temperature “hotplate”. However, this one worked so great and i don’t remember spending 1 second looking in instruction manual or scratching my head and asking “what should i now”. It was very natural process. Plug the power, open app, connect to ESP and choose a profile. Very intuitive and simple.

However, i noticed that in my case the plate is not following the profile accurately, it was rather “approximately”. But then again, it worked.

First test was the “test SMD soldering kit” that comes with the RefloR so after initial success, i placed 5 small 555/4017 led chaser kits that covered probably around 40% of total re-flowing area.

Here are some pics


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