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1 January 2017

HEPEK IOT - A hub for IOT 01 (ideaand proof of concept)

HEPEK IOT - A hub for IOT 01 (ideaand proof of concept)

In essence, i realized there are many devices of this kind but most locked within some ecosystem. So, why not to design something which would be open sourced, affordable, hackable that most of makers are familiar with etc…

Essentially the idea si to make single PCB with:

And put it in some off the shelf enclosure, share it, sell it on tindie etc..

Also, make a simple software for essential functionalities.

As a first step, i put bunch of things on my breadboard, did some copy/paste codding to make it work and of course .. it’s still on my table, waiting me to spend some more time and manufacture that board finally.

As for code, i simply extended current wifimanager library for Arduino, added a page and played a bit with html/css. The sad thing, it would definittely have to be completely rewritten. It’s simply slow and slow for development due to some steps for preparation of html/css for upload.

The PCB design and software on GitHub here


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