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1 January 2018

ESP12 4 relay board

ESP12 4 relay board

So many boards of this kind already exist but i wanted to make my own. One important decision is how to supply ESP12 with a power and the most elegant way is quite small and tiny PCB mountable Hi-Link AC-DC, but it gives only 0.6A so it’s right on the edge for 4 relays and ESP12. There are many more converters of this kind but not this small and often not sealed as this one is.

Another doubt i had was should i use optocouplers or not. At the end i realized, it doesn’t bring me anything that important in my case. After all, this is only a board for my home/garden use.

So, here is the sketch. I hope, soon i’ll publish photos how it actually looks like once i solder PCBs.

ESP12 4 relay board on GitHub
ESP12 4 relay board on

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