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14 November 2018

Testing ESP-RFID Relay Board First Batch of 200

Testing ESP-RFID Relay Board First Batch of 200

Right after the first batch of 200 boards, i noticed that there were some issues with voltages. Apparently, it looks like the manufacturer got the wrong chip or one of caps were damaged.
What ever ti was, i had to test ~200 boards and my main concern was only proper voltages. Main input of ~12VDC, 5VDC acter ACT4088 buck converter and 3.3VDC after AMS1117.

So, i took some pogo pins and drilled through some plexy boards, used very handy little voltages measuring boards and here is the result.

It took me about 30 minutes to make it and another hour to test all boards. If it was not possible to test it this way, i would definitely had to do it one by one and i can’t even imagine the struggle i would have to go through.

Good thing was that i actually had 3.3V and 5V terminals on the bottom of the board, so i didn’t have to spend much time adjusting things.

p.s. Banggood Geekcreit® Mini Digital Volt Meter


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